If you are one of those website owners who is losing out on traffic, you need to ask yourself whether your website content lacks freshness factor. By freshness factor, we simply mean new content and updating of old content whenever required.

If you are not posting any new content on a regular basis, you are hampering the chances of tasting success.

Other than content writing and posting, it is also necessary that you market your content but there is a limit to market the old content. What’s more, marketing of outdated content won’t provide any satisfactory result.

We suggest you to take care of the content’s freshness as well as focus on the quality of the content that either you are writing yourself or getting from the content marketing services professionals hired by you.

Let us tell you about 10 factors which will make you understand the importance of freshness factor in content:

1. Alive and Kicking – Posting new content regularly gives an impression that you are not only serious about your website but also active and working properly. If new content hasn’t been posted on a site for few months or more, visitors consider you as out of business and drive off to another website. You can also hire a content writing services provider so that new content is available to you for posting on the website.

2. Increased chances of getting found in search engines – The sites which post content on a regular basis are considered as active by the search engines and have better chance of getting searched.

3. Increase your followers – Once a visitor gets to know that your website has fresh and unique content, he/she starts following the website and can also opt for email subscription.

4. New SEO Keywords – New content will also give the option of using new SEO keywords which will further increase the traffic of the website.

5. Build your authority – If a lot of information about a particular topic is available on a website and that too along with the updates and latest trends, a visitor will feel that the individual or the company which is managing the website is an expert of that particular field and has authority on that subject.

6. Encourage the readers to interact – Ask your readers to express their opinion on the new content posted by you. It will also encourage them to make repeated visits on the site.

7. More to share on social media – New content gives an option to share more links on the social media which will further publicize the website. Publicity is something which is always welcomed when it comes to a website.

8. Improved user experience – The visitor’s experience also improves with the addition of new content as the visitor will straight away come to your website if he/she has to find the latest news about the topic. There are many agencies which provide content writing services and content marketing services and they can be hired if you can’t develop content on your own.

9. Your audience will remain updated – This is also why the visitors will make repeated visits on your websites as they will like to keep themselves updated and informed. A company should make sure that its content is properly researched and well documented. If they don’t have proper content developers, they should take the services of best content writing services provider.

10. Participation of employees – The company may ask its employees to write content for the website and when employees will see it published with their names, they will get a sense of belonging to the company which will further increase their productivity.

So now you know how important it is to add new content on regular intervals as now freshness is not just related to food items, it is a part of online world as well.


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