Content plays a very important role in the success or failure of a website and one thing that should always be kept in mind is that it is actually the quality of content which matters and not the quantity.

This is the reason behind the increased demand of content writing services and content marketing services. A website should have a considerable amount of content to get checked by search engines. What’s more, the content should also be relevant and interesting for visitors.

Let us discuss some important Do’s and Don’ts of writing quality content:


1. Keep It Simple – The content should be written in a simple and easy to understand language as not everyone is comfortable in reading content which requires a dictionary to understand. The content should be grammatically correct and should give a sense of originality as well as creativity that will increase the prospects of another visit of a reader. The importance of the content can be understood by the fact that people nowadays look for best content writing services and don’t compromise on anything lesser.

2. Use SEO keywords – Proper use of SEO keywords will ensure more visibility as it will help the website in getting figured in search engines.

3. Write content in an organised manner – The content should be written in small paragraphs and the writer should also give sub-headings if required. This makes it easy for a reader to understand. On the contrary, use of big paragraphs may drive readers away as majority of the readers are not interested in going through lengthy text.

4. Relevant to the page and headings – The content should be relevant with the page’s title as well as heading. A visitor will never come back to your website if he/she gets the impression that the content is absolutely irrelevant and unnecessary and doesn’t go in line with the page and headings.

5. Review it – Make sure that before submitting the content on the webpage, you review it so that if there’s any error, it can be rectified or if any important information is missing, it can be included.


1. Don’t overuse SEO keywords – The overuse of SEO keywords will not only affect the chances of getting it figured in search engines in a negative manner but also harm readability of the content. The use of more than necessary keywords can also make a dent in the website’s rankings.

2. Don’t Copy – Don’t use content which has been used and written by someone else as it will irritate a visitor and search engines will also ignore your website. Nowadays some of the social media networks ban those websites that use copied content so it is better to be original.

3. Don’t repeat – Don’t repeat the content in a bid to increase the quantity; try to come up with fresh and unique ideas about the topic. Repetition of the content may increase the length of the article but it will bring down the interest level of a visitor.

4. Don’t complicate – Make sure that the content is written in a simple language so that it can be understood even by those who are not much aware of the topic. People tend to visit those sites more where they can get content written in easy style.

5. Don’t be ambiguous – The content should be completely in line with the webpage, its title and the headlines given within the article. There should be nothing which gives the impression that the writer has gone ambiguous.

If you are having any problem in writing content for your website, avail yourself of content writing services.

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